Cleo the Pure Bred Mutt from the Ministry of Swing

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Cleo the Pure Bred Mutt

from the Ministry of Swing

Name: Cleo
Breed: Mutt
Age: 2 years old
Description: Cleo was a rescue pup who was found in a hoarding situation in the Southern US and brought up to the DC area by a group called K9 Lifesavers. Her sister Norah was adopted by a couple in Crofton and they still have play dates sometimes. We had her DNA tested, but even the DNA test was confused so we refer to her as “pure bred mutt”. She has lots of energy and lives to go running. She can often be found watching dances classes at the Ideal; our students love her. She’s not a fan of car rides, but does love playing with her furry siblings at home—especially the cat. She’s also a neat and tidy pup and likes to keep her toys (and sometimes our socks) on the doormat near our back door. She loves her people but is especially loyal to her mom—in fact one time when Abby was swimming in a river, Cleo got very worried and tried to rescue her (even though it was only 3 feet deep and she was of course fine).

Cleo is a friend of the Ministry of Swing
Dance instructors.
905 West 36th Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

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