Romey the Lab / Pit Mix from Falkenhan’s Hardware

Photo of banner from Dog Avenue on 36th Street in Hampden featuring Romey from Falkenhan's Hardware.

Romey the Lab / Pit Mix

from Falkenhan's Hardware

Name: Romey
Breed: Black Lab / American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Age: 14 years old
Description: Romey is 14 year old pit/lab mix who was a stray in Waverly. Some kind people got her off the streets. On a winter night in December, Simone Thompson was fostering her and had walked over to see the 34th St. lights. I had recently lost my Sandy and wasn't sure if I was ready for another dog just yet. She was so skinny (24 lbs) you could count her ribs from across the street. Simone walked her up to my house to meet Tyler & Bill. Needless to say, when I got home from work, I had clicking nails greet me when I walked in the door. She has a hunting instinct, catching snakes, birds and rats, unfortunately usually decapitating them. She doesn't like cats but loves most humans. Her sight & hearing are not as good as they used to be, but she has a great personality and appetite and will still bark at the other dogs that walk by the house. Her favorite place to sleep is in the recliner during the day & the center of my bed at night!!

Romey is a friend of Falkenhan's Hardware
Hardware and home improvement store.
3401 Chestnut Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

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