Riley the Norwegian Elkhound from St. Mary’s Outreach

Photo from the Dog Avenue banner on 36th Street in Hampden featuring Riley from the St. Mary's Outreach Center.

Riley the Norwegian Elkhound

from St. Mary’s Outreach Center

Name: Riley the Fluffernaut
Breed: Norwegian Elkhound
Age: 2 years old
Description: In 2017, Riley received a treat for being the floofiest pupper on the Avenue from the world famous Golden West Cafe. He can often be seen at the office and grounds of St. Mary’s Outreach Center. He spends his days waiting for a good blizzard and / or someone to pet him. His favorite things are tennis balls thrown by God (aka squirrels), taking long walks where he gets to drink out of questionable water sources, car rides, and meeting new people who want to hem, haw and pet him.

Riley is a friend of St. Mary's Outreach Center
Helping older adults meet the challenge of living self-sufficiently with dignity and respect.
3900 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21211

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