Will you donate to our nonprofit dog rescue or advocacy?

Maybe. We actively support a number of local dog related nonprofits, including Bella’s Bully Buddies, the Baltimore Bully Crew and BARCS. We regularly donate free appointment slots to help adoptable and foster dogs find forever homes. Being a local and independent pet photography studio, there is of course a limit to how much we can give – even in how much of our time we can donate.

But as a general rule of thumb, we usually try to help where and whenever we can. We like to think of ourselves as the Robbin Hoods of the pet world. We charge what we can for our whimsical dog portraits and commercial pet photography. And, then we leverage those sales to fund our dog advocacy and rescue / adoption efforts.

We try to cast rescue dogs whenever possible during commercial pet product shoots

We try to use adopted dogs whenever possible during casting calls for commercial dog photography and pet product photography assignments, with partner organizations often benefiting from both product donations (the items from the shoot) and modeling fees paid our to participating dog models.

We find these “double dipping” opportunities can also provide the additional benefit of breed advocacy.  As many rescue dogs are mystery mutts or unfairly maligned blocky headed bully breeds, casting them in nationally advertised TV commercials, print ads and web images provide additional opportunities for the general public to get a glimpse of a different, more positive side of these dogs. A face that is all too often not accurately portrayed in the media.

Does your pet photo studio donate sessions to rescues and foster groups?

We regularly donate free appointment slots to help adoptable and foster dogs find forever homes. If you operate a rescue feel free to reach out to us about our availability. When donating to auctions or as part of a fundraiser, we will typically donate prints instead of sessions – just to help maximize the impact that we can make.

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