Will I receive digital copies of my photos?

All Puptrait Studio clients receive web-ready watermark free digital files of their session proofs and we encourage clients to download and share their favorite images from their pet portrait session on social media.

Tag the Puptrait Studio on Facebook & Instagram

As we don’t watermark proofs (We think watermarks are ugly and distracting. Wouldn’t you agree?) we ask that you please tag the Puptrait Studio when sharing your dog photos on social media to make it a little easier for your dog loving friends to find us online.

The Puptrait Studio can be found @puptrait on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to post the photos from your dog portrait session online, you’re welcome to use them online for noncommercial purposes. We just ask that you please link to https://puptrait.com when crediting the photos online.

Will I receive print ready copies of my photos or production files?

We never give or sell private pet portrait clients production or print quality files.

We do not know any reputable professional pet portrait photographers that handoff printing rights to clients without charging a separate licensing fee and the practice is generally regarded as a big red flag in our industry. You can learn more about why photographers that give away their production files are likely best avoided in our pet photographer buying guide.

What if I don’t want prints?

We do not require private pet portrait clients to purchase any prints. There are no penalties or surprise fees for clients who fail to meet their minimum post shoot print commitment.

Commercial photography and image licensing

We offer hourly billing and licensing opportunities for clients in need of commercial pet photography or pet product photography. To discuss a commercial project, travel assignment, resale pricing, or extended commercial licensing please contact the Puptrait Studio directly.

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