How can I help you shoot more probono dog portraits?

We try to dedicate at least 1 day a week for the probono shooting of foster and rescue dogs in hope of helping them find forever homes.

We would love to shoot more rescue dogs and expand our reach to help more rescue groups and foster organizations. But being an independent photo studio can make it a struggle to make ends meet at times. Honestly, the number one thing holding us back from photographing more rescue animals are those pesky distractions that keep the lights on.

Ways you can help us fund our more important work

  • Help potential clients find us online!
    • Leave the Puptrait Studio a positive 5 star review on Google.
    • Write about us and link to Puptrait.com on your blog.
    • Share puptrait.com on your social media pages.
    • Tell a friend about the studio.
  • Commission a dog portrait!
  • Purchase dog themed swag from our online merch store.

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