Hon Fest 2018: Temporary Studio Closure

Toy poodle wearing a pink beehive wig

The 2018 Hon Fest is nearly upon us!

We will be open for business, but we will not be working in studio this weekend. It’s just too crowded and noisy for us to comfortably and safely accommodate our canine guests during Hon Fest.

We will have no studio hours available from June 8th – June 10th.

If you would like to come in for a session, please visit us once the crowds subside or alternatively, consider booking an in-home dog portrait session instead.

If you do decide to check out Hon Fest with your dog (which you absolutely should) please keep in mind the heat.

Like most street festivals, between the sheer size of the crowds, the high summer sun baking on the blacktop, and density of food truck kitchens, stoves and generators, Hon Fest can get quite toasty. Remember to provide your pup with ample opportunities to rest in the shade (or air conditioning) to cool down and to regularly provide your dog with access to clean and safe drinking water. Last but not least, please remember to check your dog’s paws regularly for burns, blisters, cuts and embedded foreign objects that they may step on as they attempt to navigate the dense but jovial crowds.

Happy Hon Fest everyone! Above all, don’t forget your hair spray!

Studio hours and availability will return to normal Monday, June 11th.

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