Do you supply props or costumes for pet portraits?

Due to health, parasite and disease transmission concerns we never reuse cloth or furry props between shoots.

We strongly recommend being extremely cautious when considering working with any pet photographer who keeps a collection of reused props for clients to use. While sharing costumes might seem like a convenient cost saving measure, they should often be regarded as a red flag when evaluating dog photographers. Learn more about why and other helpful tidbits in our checklist of 30 must ask questions before hiring a dog photographer.

We do maintain a rotating collection of Paper Hats for clients to use

We maintain a small selection of Paper Hats for dogs available for clients to use during private sessions at the Puptrait Studio. All Paper Hats are created by hand by our studio founder and lead pet photographer, J.B. Shepard. As these hats are only used once or twice before being retired for ever and are essentially epoxy laminates, they generally represent a minimal risk of disease or parasite transmission. And, as our Paper Hats are all original designs, clients can be assured that using them will result in a unique and whimsical dog portrait.

Can I bring props or costumes to my pet portrait session?

You are welcome to bring props to your session. We strongly advise against using any previously used costumes during your dog’s photoshoot, as even small tatters, wrinkles or fraying will be significantly more prominent when viewed at scale in your dog art prints. For a nominal fee, we are also happy to find, procure or design a custom made pet costume for your dog’s photo session.

Please call the studio at 443.604.0711 learn more about our prop, costume and set building expertise.

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