Can I bring multiple dogs to my studio session?

We strongly encourage pet portrait clients with multiple dogs to book a separate studio session for each of their dogs. We have found that even bonded dogs from the same household tend to distract each other and needlessly complicate shoots. That’s not to say that we aren’t happy to accommodate owners who bring multiple dogs to their session, especially those traveling to the studio from further away. But even with that said, the vast majority of our clients from Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia come to realize the value of scheduling separate shoots.

Convenience often comes at the cost of quality

Our studio is best known for our closely cropped and meticulously lit headshot style dog portraits. This approach to pet portraiture is the foundation of our signature Paper Hat dog portrait photoshoots.  It’s difficult to shoot multiple people at once with this level of detail. And, considering the unpredictable nature of dogs it is near impossible to photograph multiple dogs simultaneously in this style.

Remember most Puptrait Studio clients do not pay any sitting fees

It’s important to keep in mind that the vast majority of our studio pet portrait clients do not pay any sitting fees. Meaning, if you book separate sessions for each of your dogs, not only will we be able to dedicate more time to each dog and in turn, take better photos, but it’s not likely to be any more expensive. As long as you were planning on getting a print of each dog, it’s likely to cost you the same amount, just for the simple fact that most of our pet portrait clients only pay for prints.

Trust us, the difference in quality is well worth the extra trip.

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